Fall Upon The Sword​/​Baby Boot Box

by George Engel

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i keep things in a hidden box / a shirt and pants and pair of socks
and spanking false identity / I bought in Brooklyn Heights
where once got caught, I should've learned / 'cause things about him raised concerns
he sucked some weed with Howard Stern / or so he liked to say

I kick myself for saying this / might cause my premature arrest
but still the urgency persists / to fall upon the sword
to tell someone most everything / and see what kind of bad it brings
and what it leaves here unrestored / falls upon the sword

So, here I go, you might have guessed / some things are really quite repressed
and even harder to express / so let me catch my breath
I wonder if a book would sell / of awful tales that I could tell
I know my family'd wish me well / if I could make some cash

I kick myself for thinking that / some magic thinking brings her back
and lays her at the church's door / to fall upon the sword
and everything would be OK / and all the past would pass away
a jagged knife would cut the chord / and fall upon the sword

I found her at the Laundromat / it's where I lost my baseball hat
her quoting scripture to the guy /who mops the overflow
what happened next or what got said / all ends with stitches to my head
if I'd have stayed at home instead / I'd be no better off

but kick my self for kicking her / what happened next I can't be sure
but ended on the vinyl floor / falling on the sword
and now I wear an ankle strap / so I keep track of where I'm at
by separating truth from fact / by falling on the sword

but even if that's true or not / I used my false i.d. and got..
me handcuffed in the parking lot / first wrestled to the ground
which says I just can't get away / with anything I do or say
they're gonna catch me anyway / It's time I come around

for kicking out the door the day / I thought she'd gone and runway
which put me in this ugly spot / to fall upon the sword
and quite in need of legal aid / a tattoo and a razor blade
she pierced me through the heart the day / I fall upon the sword

and now I thrive at blaming her / with rants of rage and slights and slurs
though not quite what I might prefer / became just who I am
now walk around with chlorine bleach / to target-practice what I preach
to burn the hole that caused the breach / to fill this massive void

till someone comes to shackle me / and brand me public enemy
and confiscate my motherboard / I'll fall upon the sword
till someone comes to tell my Mom / there's nothing that she could have done
to change this base biology / to fall upon the sword

sweet high school girl who washed my car / I sometimes wonder where you are
you stripped my chrome straight to the scar / which brought back all this pain
which brought me back to Brooklyn Heights / you know the guy who burned me twice
yeah, once with stolen merchandise / and once by dropping names

it's easy to be blaming him / complaining I'm the victim in
a war between the weathermen / and storms that purge the coast
and so I'm saying everything / to see what kind of bad it brings
and what it leaves here unrestored / falls upon the sword


released March 5, 2020
Baby Boot Box is:
George Engel
Scott Genereau
Craig Malone
Produced by Scott Genereau for Sling Slang Records


all rights reserved



George Engel Hartford, Connecticut

George Engel, a singer/songwriter and for MANY years the owner and operator of Connecticut local music label, Sling Slang Records, has recorded his own songs with his bands, Baby Boot Box and George Engel and the Wedding Band.

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